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Update: Monarch Air Group stops transporting monkeys for vivisection!

The international trade in primates is a cruel and controversial business. A growing number of airlines refuse to transport monkeys destined for research laboratories. In February 2011, in a letter to the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, the Fort Lauderdale-based cargo airline Amerijet International stated that it had ceased transporting monkeys “for any and all purposes.” Last month, another leading cargo airline in South Florida, IBC Airways, made a similar commitment.


The latest company to dip their toes into this appalling trade is Monarch Air Group. On June 2, a Monarch Air Group plane arrived from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts at Miami International Airport. The charter flight carried a group of African green monkeys who had been captured in the wild. Upon arrival in Miami, the monkeys were driven to Primate Products, Inc., an infamous company that sells monkeys to laboratories.

Please contact Monarch Air Group and politely urge them to refuse to transport primates destined for the research industry. Contact:

Monarch Air Group
E-mail: info@monarchairgroup.com
Phone: (954) 359-0059 or (877) 359-6732

Tim Eames, Director of Operations
E-mail: tim@monarchairgroup.com

Jacob Gitman, Manager
E-mail: jacob@monarchairgroup.com

David Gitman, Manager
E-mail: david@monarchairgroup.com

Monarch Air Group was founded in 2005 by Paul Slavin. Mr. Slavin is no longer associated with the company, but yesterday he responded to a question about the monkey flight: “This would never have happened on my watch; it is regrettable.”

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