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Rodeo is a violent activity that displays and encourages brutal treatment of animals and insensitivity to their suffering. Despite claims by rodeo supporters that animals are not abused, it’s clear that the horses and cows are not willing participants. Sometimes they refuse to participate.

The Silver Spurs Rodeo is a semi-annual event at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee. The rodeo claims to be “the largest rodeo in the Southeast.” On ARFF’s YouTube page, we have posted disturbing video taken at the Silver Spurs rodeo on February 19, 2011.

View the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KPir8bJay4

The video shows a steer during the team roping event cruelly punished after resisting attempts to guide him into the chute. In the video, rodeo staff can be seen punching the animal and roughly twisting the animal’s tail over a steel bar. Cow’s tails are sensitive; twisting, pulling and raking a tail back and forth over a bar is extremely painful.

During the video, the rodeo announcer can be heard thanking the Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau for its support of the rodeo. Please write to the Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau and urge them to reconsider their sponsorship of the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Ask them to watch the video, and ask if they condone this abuse. Contact:

Tom Lang, Director
Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau
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