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This afternoon, the greyhound bill mentioned below passed the Florida Senate with a 25-14 vote. ARFF would like to thank everyone who contacted their state legislators in support of this important bill. You can find out how your state senator voted at this page. The bill needs to be reconciled with its counterpart in the Florida House of Representatives, and then will go to Florida Governor Rick Scott for his signature.

Next week, the Florida House of Representatives is expected to take up House Bill 125, which would prohibit sexual contact with animals. The Florida Senate has already unanimously passed its version of the bill. Check this blog next week for details about how you can help support this bill.

One Response to “Update: Greyhound racing bill passes!”

  1. on 01 May 2011 at 10:24 pm Catherine

    Thank you so much for the link with the votes of the senators. It is very helpful to see how our elected officials voted on this issue. I cannot believe that Senator Altman voted “no.” Earlier this month my sister called his office to request support for this bill, as one of his constituents, and had the opportunity to speak with him directly. It was in the evening and he explained that he was answering his phone as his staff had gone home for the day. He told her that his sister owned a greyhound. They even spoke about how the dogs are mistreated at the tracks. She said he came across as very pleasant and sympathetic. I was shocked to see how he voted. Unbelievable. Needless to say, he will not be getting her or her family’s vote, and she has vowed to speak out against him to all her friends and co-workers when re-election time rolls around.

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