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Today, ARFF was contacted by an individual who witnessed a tragic incident at the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club on Saturday, August 14. During the 7th race on Saturday evening, a greyhound hit the rail and suffered fatal injuries.

The witness described the experience: “Unfortunately, I had fooled myself into believing these dogs were doing what they loved to do, and went to watch them that night.  I will never ever set foot in another venue like this… I am 42 years old and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life… I am just sorry it took such a tragic event to open my eyes.”

It is common for greyhounds to suffer injuries while racing. This was not the first fatal incident at the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club, but the exact number of dogs injured/killed at SOKC or other tracks in Florida is not known because the State of Florida inexplicably does not require tracks to report when an animal is injured or dies.

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One Response to “Greyhound dies of injuries suffered during race at Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club”

  1. on 19 Aug 2010 at 12:13 am organicivy

    It’s sad that it takes a tragic event like this to open people’s eyes but I’m glad at least one person has seen how cruel animal sports are. All events that involve animals for entertainment should be banned. It is unnatural and we should just let animals be animals with the dignity they deserve.

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