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In the “Pets” section of today’s Palm Beach Post classifieds there are five ads that feature photographs of puppies for sale. Each ad includes the phone number 954-353-7864. A quick search of that phone number brings you to the website PuppiesForSaleSite.com, a domain owned by James Anderson.

James and his wife Gilda are well-known for operating a pet store in Pembroke Pines called Wizard of Claws. The store closed in 2009 after a lawsuit was filed accusing the Anderson’s of selling sick dogs. According to the Sun-Sentinel, “The suit alleged the Andersons bought unhealthy dogs from puppy mills across the United States, then sold them for $1,000 or more, and the dogs died within days or weeks of purchase. The suit was settled in February.”

In court on Wednesday a judge was not happy to learn that the Andersons were continuing to sell dogs. A lawyer representing a woman who purchased a puppy from the Andersons in March told the court that the puppy died 5 days after purchase. Broward County Judge Robert Rosenberg ordered Mr. Anderson to stop selling puppies, and assigned a third party to take temporary custody of the 45 puppies currently at the Anderson’s home. Judge Rosenberg added, “I am concerned about the health of those animals.”

The Anderson’s next court hearing is May 20, which explains the message that has been added to the top of their website, “Closed - May 12 until May 21, 2010.”

ARFF has contacted the Palm Beach Post to make sure that they are aware of the judge’s order placing a hold on the Anderson’s business.

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  1. on 17 Jan 2013 at 7:38 pm Michelle

    PLEASE READ! I came across Teacup Puppies Store online and fell in love with with this “teacup” Pomeranian listed as ‘Pillar’. I knew this was absolutely the puppy I wanted- love at first sight! I called their contact number and was told that after all was said and done (airfare, insurance, crib, puppy, microchip) this puppy would be $2500. Since I’m not super rich I asked to put down a deposit of $1500 on my card and told my salesperson Angel that I would pay the difference the following week. So she told me the card went through and all was well. the next day my account balance was -$1000! They charged the deposit TWICE! I called and they said it would take 48hrs to reverse the second charge… So I had an overdraft fee but I figured it was just a mistake. The second charge was refunded two days later and the following Friday I paid the difference that I owed. Angel assured me my puppy crib ($149+ S&H) would be shipped so I would have time to set everything up for my puppy when she flew in. After a week I still had no crib and my puppy was supposed to arrive in just a few days.. So again I called Angel and she was unavailable (as usual). I left messages and finally my call was returned by the owner (male) and his response was “Oh would you like us to ship that to you tomorrow?” Beyond upset– I knew it would not arrive in 48hrs and I was irritated that I was told it had already been shipped so I said “no”. I went out in all the Christmas traffic looking for something similar so my puppy would have her own space… I found one and purchased it… The $149 was refunded to my account (they kept the shipping charges). So I was finally all ready to get my puppy and Teacup Puppies Store gave me the flight information the night before. They provided a flight number and told me my puppy would be ready at Cargo in Boston around 2pm that Saturday. Super excited I set a flight tracker on my Iphone to give me updates and discovered the flight destination was ATLANTA! I called back the following morning and they said that was the wrong flight number because my puppy had a connecting flight (poor thing!) When I FINALLY picked my puppy up at Logan Airport in Boston, she was in a crate super scared as expected.. The following week she had horrible diarrhea so I took her to the vet to get checked out. Again Teacup Puppies Store guaranteed their puppies were 100% healthy. The vet found that she had Giardia Cysts (MANY) and Isospora Cysts (these are two types of parasites). She also has a low grade heart murmur and kennel cough. So for the first four days I had to give her a powder mixed with peanut butter.. Then wait two days and give her pills the next 5 days.. Now she is on a liquid to treat the kennel cough and lasts 10 days! I called Angel SEVERAL times and was told by her and others that if I sent the vet bills they would send me a check to cover those fees… Every time I call they say Angel will look into it and call me back and she never does! It has been over a week since they were sent and I have had no calls returned and no sign of a check being mailed. They told me because the heart murmur was low grade they would not do anything unless it became serious. Also- My puppy is now just over 3 months and is 4+ lbs (NOT A TEACUP). My vet told me shes not even a TOY… and that shes on track to being 5-6lbs minimum. I love my puppy very much but BUYER BEWARE! This place is cranking out several breeds of so called “teacups and toys” and I wish I researched more because I have found MANY similar stories to mine about Teacup Puppies Store. I encourage you to buy elsewhere and do your research on the facility your puppy is coming from because when all is said and done I paid $2500 for a normal sized Pomeranian with health issues! DO NOT BUY FROM www.teacuppuppiesstore.com

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