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dog-chain.jpgDuring last night’s meeting of the City of Seminole City Council, councilmembers unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting dogs within the city limits from being tied up outdoors unless a guardian is outside along with the dog (violators would be given a warning to correct the situation before being fined). The City Council also approved a resolution urging other cities in Pinellas County to follow suit with similar ordinances.

At the meeting, a respresentative from the SPCA Tampa Bay spoke in support of the ordinance and mentioned that more than once humane officers have discovered dogs injured or dead at the end of a chain. Council Member Dan Hester noted that, in addition to being dangerous and cruel, keeping a dog continuously chained increases the likelihood that the animal will bite.

A growing number of cities and counties in Florida have enacted ordinances banning or restricting the chaining/tethering of dogs. According to our records, the City of Seminole is the first community on Florida’s west coast to enact such an ordinance.

Please contact the Seminole City Council and thank them for voting in support of this ordinance that will help to ensure a humane existence for dogs.


Mayor Jimmy Johnson
E-mail: jjohnson@myseminole.com

Vice Mayor Bob Matthews
E-mail: bmatthews@myseminole.com

Council Member John Counts
E-mail: jcounts@myseminole.com

Council Member Thomas Barnhorn
E-mail: tbarnhorn@myseminole 
Council Member Dan Hester
E-mail: dhester@myseminole.com
*Mr. Hester deserves special thanks for championing this ordinance!

Council Member Patricia Plantamura
E-mail: pplantamura@myseminole.com

Council Member Leslie Waters
E-mail: lwaters@myseminole.comm

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  1. on 26 Apr 2010 at 9:46 pm Diana Cao

    Thank you for passing this ordinance.

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