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You may have heard horror stories about dogs and cats obtained by people responding to “free to good home” ads, or animals stolen from backyards, and then sold for experimentation. This is the work of Class B dealers, USDA-licensed dealers who are allowed to acquire “random source” dogs and cats for resale. Class B dealers also purchase animals from animal shelters, flea markets or auctions.

There may be as few as nine Class B dealers still in business. The vast majority of research institutions in the U.S. do not purchase animals from these disreputable dealers.

usf-logo.jpgThe University of Florida purchased random source dogs as recently as January 2008, but has since discontinued the practice. The University of South Florida, in Tampa, is now the only research institution in Florida that has failed to make a commitment never to purchase random source dogs and cats from Class B dealers.

You Can Help
Please contact USF and urge them to enact a policy prohibiting the purchase of dogs and cats for research or teaching from “Class B” dealers. Enacting such a policy is the only way to ensure that stolen or lost pets are not ending up in USF research labs.


Karen A. Holbrook, Ph.D., Vice President for Research & Innovation
University of South Florida
E-mail: research@research.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 974-5570

One Response to “An unhappy distinction for the University of South Florida”

  1. on 14 Dec 2009 at 4:57 pm Brad King

    It doesn’t matter how these dogs are sourced.

    No dog should have to endure a laboratory existence or painful and terrifying tests at the hands of any university or institution.

    If USF chooses not to buy from Class B dealers, those offering puppies and dogs for sale will simply feel better about the fact that THEIR dogs will not be tested on.

    If you are stupid enough to have let your dog or cat breed, then at least have the courage to care for them. Sending these animals off to any 3rd party carries a risk.

    Let’s focus on spay & neuter and banning animal testing. These are what is important. Anything else just makes everybody feel better while achieving nothing for animals.

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