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On Monday, the Cole Bros. Circus arrives in Cape Coral for three days of shows.

colebros.jpgElephants in traveling circuses commonly suffer from neglect, inadequate veterinary care and inhumane handling. The Cole Bros. Circus has a particularly poor reputation. In 2003, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) cited Cole Bros. after a handler struck an elephant with a broom handle. In 2000, USDA inspectors noted that two Cole Bros. elephants had scars from bullhooks. In 1999, the USDA charged Cole Bros. with violating the Animal Welfare Act after the department concluded, “We believe that on numerous occasions, employees of the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus abusively used an elephant hook on several animals.” During their two-month tour through Florida they are traveling with three female Asian elephants, “Viola,” “Libby” and “Nina.” Visit ARFF’s YouTube page to view videos of the elephants.

With Cole Bros. poor history, it is surprising that the City of Cape Coral is helping the circus sell tickets. Two recreation centers operated by the city– Cape Coral Youth Center and Four Freedoms Park– are acting as advance ticket locations for the circus. Tickets are also for sale at the Parks & Recreation counter in Cape Coral City Hall!

You Can Help
Please contact Cape Coral’s Parks & Recreation Department and ask them not to support the Cole Bros. Circus, a for-profit business with a miserable history.


Stephen Pohlman, Director
Parks & Recreation Department
Phone: (239) 573-3128
E-mails: spohlman@capecoral.net and ccpks@capecoral.net

Please send a copy of your letter to city leaders:

Mayor John Sullivan and City Council
City of Cape Coral
Phone: (239) 574-0437
E-mail: council@capecoral.net

One Response to “City of Cape Coral: a little too friendly with cruel circus”

  1. on 20 Nov 2009 at 1:14 pm Raquel

    I will definitely write and pass this along. Thank you for everything that you do, these beings need you.

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