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There was an interesting article in Tuesday’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune about the growing popularity of unpasteurized, “raw” milk. It is illegal in Florida to sell raw milk for human consumption because it can contain Listeria and E. coli (pasteurization is supposed to kill the bacteria), but you can get around the law by purchasing milk labeled “for pet use only.” According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 19 dairies are licensed to sell raw milk– for pet food– in Florida.

We take no position on the raw vs. pasteurized debate (it makes little difference to the cows), but one quote in the article caught our attention. John Fruin, chief of Florida’s Bureau of Food and Meat Inspection, told the paper, “It’s very difficult to slaughter or milk an animal and not risk some fecal contamination.”

Soy milk, anyone?

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  1. on 01 Feb 2010 at 1:57 pm dawn

    With all due respect, it does make a difference to the cows. Most drinkers of raw milk will only drink milk from cows that are grass-fed and given no hormones. Farmers who sell raw milk typically allow their cows free range and foraging and do not keep them cooped up in stalls. It is as close to the animal’s “natural” state as any domesticated animal is going to get; any farmer not following these procedures is not going to be popular in the natural foods community and his sales will suffer.

    One of the reasons bacteria growth is so rampant in modern commercial dairies is because the animals are kept confined in small stalls and fed an unnatural diet that prevents their milk from forming the normal beneficial bacteria that fight off the bad ones like salmonella and e.coli. The American dairy industry is a travesty that animal welfare advocates should certainly be concerned about, but place your wrath where it belongs. A well-treated cow allowed to eat grass and live peacefully in a pasture is not harmed by being milked once a day.

    If you want an eye-opener, research that soy stuff you’re drinking.

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