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The Palm Beach Post included ARFF’s objections in an article about the return of horse-drawn carriages to the streets of Delray Beach. The article noted that horses are forced to breathe “car exhaust and fumes” and, “the busy, traffic-congested streets could easily spook the animals.” The article also mentioned that, thanks to ARFF’s efforts, “Other cities in Florida, such as Palm Beach and Deerfield Beach, have banned” horse-drawn carriages.

The Post quoted the owner of Horse-Drawn Carriages Inc., Rebecca Learman, who presented this justification for bringing horses to Delray: “We bring the past back to life. And we recreate a special connection between man and nature.” Apparently, Ms. Learman’s idea of nature includes miserable horses, honking horns and car exhaust!

ARFF has long campaigned against the carriage horse industry in the City of Delray Beach. Mayor Jeff Perlman has agreed to support an ordinance banning these outdated and dangerous contraptions.

At the September 5 meeting of the Delray Beach City Commission, Mayor Perlman voted against a new agreement with the carriage company. Unfortunately, three commissioners voted to allow horses on the busy downtown streets.

Please write to Mayor Perlman and thank him for his vote against horse-drawn carriages.
-Jeff Perlman, Mayor. E-mail: Mayor@MyDelrayBeach.com.

Write to the other Commissioners and let them know you are disappointed with their votes. Tell them that you avoid cities that support the exploitation of animals for entertainment.

-Fred Fetzer, Deputy Vice-Mayor. E-mail: Fetzer@MyDelrayBeach.com

-Jon Levinson, Commissioner. E-mail: JonLevinson@MyDelrayBeach.com

-Brenda Montague, Commissioner. E-mail: Montague@MyDelrayBeach.com

-Rita W. Ellis, Vice-Mayor. E-mail: RitaEllis@MyDelrayBeach.com (Commissioner Ellis did not attend the September 5 meeting).

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