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Reggie is free!

As of this afternoon, Reggie the “horse-riding spider monkey” is still enjoying his freedom in the wilds of Lake County. On Friday, before a performance of the Liebling Bros. Circus at the North Lake Flea Market in Fruitland Park, the owner of the circus failed to properly latch the door to Reggie’s cage. Spider monkeys are known for their intelligence. Reggie saw an opportunity and took it, dashing from the cage and into the woods near the flea market (the flea market is a short distance from Lake Griffin State Park). We wish Reggie luck!

Reggie is dressed-up like a cowboy and strapped-onto a horse during the show. The Liebling Bros. Circus also travels with an African elephant named “Tiny” (also known as “Nosey”). The elephant and monkey travel together in a filthy, rust-covered trailer.

Prior to this weekend’s performances, the circus distributed “free” tickets to Fruitland Park Elementary and other local schools. As it becomes increasingly difficult for circuses to attract audiences, they are relying on free ticket giveaways to keep their shows on the road. Not only are cruel circuses an inappropriate outing for school children, they are a dangerous environment. In 2004, an elephant with the Liebling Bros. Circus knocked a worker down during an appearance in Iowa. The worker suffered a head injury that required stitches.

You Can Help
Please contact Lake County Schools and urge them to enact a district wide policy against any form of circus promotion, including the distribution of circus tickets. 

Dr. Susan Moxley, Superintendent
Lake County Schools
E-mail: MoxleyS@lake.k12.fl.us

Kyleen Fischer, Chairperson
Lake County School Board
E-mail: FischerK@lake.k12.fl.us

Cindy Barrow, Vice Chairperson
Lake County School Board
E-mail: barrowc@lake.k12.fl.us

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