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Lessons from a bow and arrow

This week the Tampa Tribune profiled a curious youth archery program in Plant City. Dennis Pawlowski, one of its founders, described the mission of the Trinity Special Sportsman Ministries as introducing children to the outdoors “so they can better appreciate all God’s creatures.” The article described how Pawlowski’s older son, Noah, age 9, practices at home by shooting at a life-size model of a deer, “complete with color-coding depicting the animal’s vital organs.” But it’s a younger son, Nathan, age 6, who seems to have a greater appreciation for deer and other creatures. Noah told the paper, “Sometimes, when I get a lot of arrows in the red, Nathan cries.”

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  1. on 23 Mar 2011 at 7:00 pm Dennis Pawlowski

    My son cried because my older son is a better shot than he was, not because of some sort of care for the animal. You quoted the article out of context. We teach respect for all animals, even the ones that are harvested in a humane way.

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