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Massachusetts voters provided another other exciting victory at the polls on Tuesday. Voters approved a ballot question banning greyhound racing in the state (the ban takes effect in 2010).

Supporters of the ban used data kept by the State Racing Commission to show that each year dozens of greyhounds suffer serious injuries, such as broken legs, at the two dog tracks in Massachusetts. Voters were also educated about the miserable confinement endured by racing dogs; it is common for greyhounds to be kept in cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for 20 or more hours each day.

The greyhound racing industry is in decline nationwide, and it will likely make its last stand in Florida. Our state is home to more tracks than anywhere else in the country. Click here to learn more.

One Response to “Greyhound racing industry licking its wounds”

  1. on 01 Feb 2010 at 4:08 pm M Mathews

    As a former foster parent of greyhounds I know of the the conditions that these dogs endure to make money for their owners.

    Their teeth are hideous when they come off of the track and need to be cleaned before they can be adopted. Why?
    most kennels feed their dogs raw 4-D meat from the slaughter houses. These are the animals who are dead, dying, disabled or down (unable to walk). The raw meat supposedly “gets the dogs going” and is cheap.

    Two of the first greys we took, had broken their right legs going around the first curve at the track. The owner took them to the track Vet and wanted them euthanized. He had to be talked into releasing them to a rescue which paid all the bills to fix the leg, do the teeth, spay or neuter the dogs and give them shots.

    The race itself is 30 seconds. The dog is taken from its cage and put on the track without exercising it prior to the race. The females are given drugs to keep them from going into heat.

    There is only one track now open in AZ. Tucson is it. Once the dog is no longer a winner here, it is shipped down to Mexico to be raced. I am sure that the lack of care will increase as the dogs go south. Do the Mexican tracks have Vets? Can the dogs have a painless death thru euthanasia - I doubt it. AZ used to take the dogs they wanted to dispose of into the desert, cut off their ears (means of identification) and shoot them or let them die from the heat and dehydration. What will Mexico offer them?

    People who raise the puppies kill hundreds of the young dogs if they show no inclination to race. It is a puppy mill industry.

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