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Today’s Daytona Beach News-Journal reported on the grand opening of the Daytona Beach Kennel Club’s new facility. The track was most likely pleased with the crowd, which was larger than the track usually gets on Friday nights. But some bettors noted that seating for the live races has shrunk, while the poker room has doubled in size. The conclusion of the article was definitely not what the track had hoped for.

The paper quoted a former Atlantic City resident who spoke of retirees committing suicide in the parking lots outside casinos. And then there were the protestors, “About a dozen demonstrators from the Orlando area gathered on a sidewalk near the club’s entrance Friday night to urge the state to ban dog racing as inhumane sport. One was dressed as the Grim Reaper.”

ARFF representative Carla Wilson mentioned that thousands of racing greyhounds in Florida are killed each year when they no longer run profitably. The track general manager responded by noting that the new track has a “cool-off tank with spray stations to prevent heat exhaustion.” He was referring to an incident last August at the old track when three greyhounds died of heat exhaustion (the dog’s trainer later had his license suspended after three other dogs under his care tested positive for traces of cocaine).

Friday’s protest was the latest in ARFF’s “Tour d’Tracks.” This summer we will speak out against the abuse and exploitation of  greyhounds at tracks throughout Florida. Visit our events calendar for upcoming dates.

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