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Pet shop takes a stand

There was an encouraging article in Monday’s St. Petersburg Times that we wanted to mention. The Animal House pet store (413- 62nd Ave North in St. Petersburg) has stopped selling puppies. Instead, the store is partnering with local rescue groups and showcasing animals available for adoption.

The article explained that puppies are easy money for small pet stores (”the markup can be huge”). It is admirable for the store to voluntarily get out of a profitable business solely for ethical reasons– to avoid any link with the cruel puppy mill industry.

We’d like to thank store managers Rebecca and Rachel Hearn for their compassionate decision. If you live in the area we urge you to stop by the store and show your support by purchasing some pet supplies.

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  1. on 25 Jul 2012 at 8:18 pm Pamela

    Yes, back in 2000 I purchased a dog from this pet store on 62nd Avenue. She ended up having all sorts of health problems and in the end after tracking down her paperwork I found out she was a puppymill. Also, she was caged way up like four crates high in the store, and is VERY skittish to this day (2012). Just recently I went online and found Certified Pre Owned Dogs who Animal House lets come on Wednesdays and every other Saturday with their rescue dogs from Kill shelters and dogs who people give up due to health reasons etc. The dog I looked at was grabbed in the face by a 3 year old and growled so he ended up at the kill shelter. He is very sweet and never should have been there. People who let toddlers grab dogs and then send them off to their death (well I won’t say). Just let me say puppies are NOT play toys for toddlers. Also, I am so happy Animal House ended up doing this and I wish them all the best now after years of being so upset over my dog. I hope other pet stores follow in their footsteps or at least buy from reputable breeders who don’t abuse their dogs and actually do things right.

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