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” . . . everything from fleas and ticks to illegal drugging, lack of sufficient water, overcrowding and suspicious deaths.” These are some of the problems that investigators from Florida’s Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering uncover at dog tracks, according to an article in today’s Miami Herald. Unfortunately, under current law the division’s hands are often tied when it comes to inspecting track facilities. The article described the situation, “Currently, investigators must ask for permission before inspecting track kennels, both on the track property and off, where hundreds of racing greyhounds may be housed. And if they find something wrong, the state sometimes must wait for action by local prosecutors before it can revoke or suspend licenses or impose fines.”

Senate Bill 590, currently under consideration in Tallahassee, would address this problem by granting authority to the division to conduct unannounced inspections at dog track kennels.

You Can Help
Please contact your state senator and ask him or her to support Senate Bill 590 (”Relating to Pari-mutuel Wagering”). Click here to find your elected officials (requires 9-digit ZIP Code).

Also, please thank Sen. Dennis Jones for introducing this bill (E-mail: jones.dennis.web@flsenate.gov).

Visit ARFF’s website for updates on animal protection legislation in Tallahassee.

Meanwhile, ARFF activists held a demonstration on Saturday outside the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club as part of our statewide “Tour d’Tracks” to raise awareness of the abuse and exploitation of racing greyhounds in Florida. ARFF will continue the “tour” with a protest at the Daytona Beach Kennel Club on May 22.

One Response to “Florida has more dog tracks than any other state, but among the country’s weakest regulations”

  1. on 31 Mar 2009 at 12:18 am Shelly Burns

    Imagine if restaurants were held to the same standard that the health department inspector could not inspect a restaurant unless they asked for permission. You all would be dead!

    Oh, wait. Dogs are dying for that very reason. Did you hear the one about the greyhounds found in a freezer in the Daytona Kennel? Kennel operators couldn’t imagine how they got there.

    Greyhound racing should be held to a higher standard. Thank you Senator Jones for introducing the bill.

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