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leghold-trap.gifIn 1974, Florida became the first state in the country to ban the use of leghold traps. Since then, seven other states (as well as approx. 90 countries around the world) have banned or severely restricted use of the notoriously inhumane traps. Of course, laws mean nothing without enforcement.

Recently, officers from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and Lake County animal control responded to a complaint and found a coyote caught in a steel leghold trap. The property owner admitted that he knew the trap was illegal to use. We’re happy to report that the FWC acted quickly, arresting the man for violating wildlife regulations, and confiscating the traps.

One Response to “Leghold traps, illegal in Florida since 1974”

  1. on 02 Jan 2014 at 2:55 pm Juan

    Great….. You arrested a man and saved a predator. Let’s starve the people and save all the animals. Gators jaws are much more humane than traps….

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