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Letter writers get it right

lte.jpgThe editorial page is one of the most popular sections of a newspaper. Keeping this in mind, we always encourage animal activists to ‘pick up the pen’ and have their say on issues important to them. This week we were happy to read several excellent letters.

Eva Bromberek wrote to the St. Augustine Record about a recent visit to the historic city: “We were going into a restaurant when I saw a horse that looked like it was in such bad condition. A van was behind the carriage honking at it, practically pushing it. It ruined my whole night.” Eva mentioned the recent accident involving a horse-drawn carriage in St. Augustine (see below) and noted, “Through the years I have seen St. Augustine traffic get progressively worse and the horses seem to be in more danger than ever before.” Her conclusion (we hope that St. Augustine city leaders read the paper that day): “I have always enjoyed my visits to your city but I have almost reached the point that I have to make decisions about how much heart-wrenching animal suffering I can bear to watch on the streets of St. Augustine.”

“We all have one of the most valuable tools to stem global warming in our possession if used correctly: our forks.” That was the conclusion to Angie Greico’s letter in the Sun-Sentinel on December 16. In her letter, Angie explained how raising animals for food is an “environmentally expensive process” and that, in contrast, a “plant-based diet conserves water, topsoil, fertilizer and fossil fuel.”

Marie Zwicker wrote in the Palm Beach Post about last week’s public workshop in West Palm Beach held to discuss a proposed mandatory spay/neuter ordinance. Marie criticized workshop attendees who spoke of a “constitutional right” to breed animals. Marie got it right when she wrote, “‘Owning’ an animal is not a person’s ‘right;’ being allowed to breed more animals in a climate where thousands are put to death because there are too many is not a ‘right.’ Sharing one’s life with and caring for a companion animal is a privilege, not a right.”

Finally, in a letter that was published in the Orlando Sentinel, Carla Wilson had a simple, but very important holiday message: “If you are considering buying an animal from a breeder or pet store this holiday season, please reconsider and adopt an animal from your local shelter.” Carla’s letter also reminded readers that animals are “a commitment that the whole family should consider,” and that they should never be given as “gifts.”

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