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This week the Sarasota Herald Tribune profiled a growing company in Manatee County that creates replicas of human limbs and organs for use in medical research and testing. The company, Animal Replacement Technologies, is appropriately named. Instead of using live animals, surgeons can use the company’s simulated body parts to practice techniques; medical devices can be tested using simulated tissue. The company has produced a replica of a human leg that includes synthetic muscles, fat, tendons, veins, arteries and bone. The replicas are created to respond like human tissue when you stick them with a needle, or cut them with a scalpel.

Company president Christopher Sakezles explained that using live animals in research and testing is expensive, and often yields results that cannot be safely applied to humans. The article continued, “Using live animals also makes it difficult to get consistent, reproducible results, because of variations from animal to animal and test to test, he said. Animal anatomy also differs from human anatomy.”

If you are concerned about the welfare of animals in laboratories, please become involved in our campaigns against animal research. Click here to learn more.

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