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Our guess is that if 8 people showed up for a Florida Marlins game, professional baseball in Florida would quickly become history. But that’s exactly what’s happening with greyhound racing.greyhound.jpg

At the beginning of July, the Melbourne Greyhound Park surprised kennel owners by announcing that the track would not have live racing this summer. Instead, the track will focus on its poker room, which is the real money maker. Track president Patrick Biddix told The Stuart News why greyhound racing is not profitable, “We’d have as few as eight people watching the races during the middle of the week.”

The news is more evidence that greyhound racing in Florida is a dying sport. But the track’s decision also
created a crisis for local greyhound adoption groups, who are now struggling to find homes for the dozens of dogs who are no longer needed by racing kennels.

Greyhounds make great companions. If you are able to accept a greyhound into your home, please contact your local adoption group or call The National Greyhound Adoption Network at 800-G-HOUNDS.

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