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After 14 years of hosting weekly rodeos, the Kissimmee Sports Arena (958 S. Hoagland Blvd.) will host its final weely rodeo tomorrow night. The owners of the arena have chosen to take a break. We think that’s a great idea!

Ed Sackett/Orlando SentinelThe Orlando Sentinel wrote that events such as goat tying, were “geared for competitors as young as preschool age.” The girl in this picture is 7 years-old. What does a child learn when adults encourage her to throw an animal to the ground, and tie his legs together with rope? For the poor goat, the rodeo is an unfortunate stop before he is sent to slaughter.

Unfortunately, rodeo will continue across town at the Silver Spurs Arena (Osceola Heritage Park). The 118th Silver Spurs Rodeo will take place Friday-Sunday, October 6-8. As in previous years, ARFF will organize a demonstration outside the arena. In a few weeks, we’ll post details on our Events Calendar. Please mark your calendar, and join us to stand up for animals brutalized in rodeo!

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