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fwf.jpgRecently, the Naples Daily News reported on Manley Fuller, President of the Florida Wildlife Federation, hunting alligators in Hendry County. After he snagged an alligator with a hook attached to a fishing rod, “The alligator soon tired and Fuller pulled it to the surface, where it took three shots from the bang stick to subdue the beast. An inspection revealed the bullets pierced the alligator, just not in the right spot.” This article was not a surprise, but we would expect the President of the Florida Wildlife Federation to be more discreet in his passion for blood sports.

It is estimated that there are over 1 million adult alligators in Florida. This year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) decided that hunters could kill 8,812 alligators. Although this year’s three fatal alligator attacks has often been cited in defense of the hunt, it is obvious that killing a few thousand alligators on Lake Okeechobee will make absolutely no difference in preventing future conflicts with humans.

The real reason for the hunt: the FWC will receive approx. $500,000 from selling alligator hunting licenses and permits.

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