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The Manatee County Fair wraps-up this weekend, and with the end of the fair six chimpanzees will get back on the road for performances at another venue somewhere else in the country. Each year, the Rosaire-Zoppe chimps travel the country performing at county fairs, boat shows and other events.

An article in last week’s Bradenton Herald claimed that the show educated audience members about endangered species. It’s true that chimpanzees are an endangered species, but it’s hard to imagine learning anything positive from the Rosaire-Zoppe show– during which chimpanzees dressed in silly costumes do somersaults and handstands, ride a pony and are pulled around a ring by a leash around their necks.

Chimpanzees used in entertainment often suffer physical and psychological abuse during training. Baby chimps are taken from their mothers at birth. Living conditions for these animals are often deplorable. The show can also be dangerous. In November 2004, a circusgoer at a Shrine circus in Indiana was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a Rosaire-Zoppe chimpanzee while posing for pictures.

Local car dealership Jenkin’s Hyundai sponsored the chimpanzee show at the Manatee County Fair. Please contact Jenkin’s Hyundai and ask them to reconsider sponsoring cruel and exploitive animal acts at next year’s fair.

Ernie Parisi, General Manager
Jenkins Hyundai Bradenton
E-mail: ep@jenkinscars.com
Phone: (888) 207-1942
Online comment form.

Also, please contact the Manatee River Fair Association and ask them not to include acts involving chimpanzees or other wild animals in future fairs:

Daniel West, Fair Manager
E-mail: mfairadm@tampabay.rr.com and/or info@manateecountyfair.com
Phone: (941) 722-1639
Online comment form.

4 Responses to “Sad life of chimpanzee performers”

  1. on 01 Oct 2008 at 12:24 pm VA Fair Spectator

    they were at the VA State Fair. we went to the show and left within 10 minutes. the chimps were being smacked on their heads and treated awful! they need to be stopped!

  2. on 09 May 2010 at 8:22 pm Wanda

    It is a crime the way some humans treat Chimpanzees…

  3. on 21 Oct 2012 at 6:50 pm mikr


  4. on 16 Dec 2012 at 1:27 pm mike

    Im getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over. I have been all over the net and have not seen one baby circus chimp being kicked punched and all that.The only, thing I haVE Heard is a woman yelling at a chimp to get into her cage wow. Lets close everything. The other thing is when the chimp goes to a so called nice place all they want are the things they had before. The want to dress up. Goof off. Lets face it these things are happy with food and sex and being clowns all day. There like mentally retarded children who masturbate eat fight and run around yelling like goofs. Then the caretakers clean up after them and tell themselves how smart they are for acting like this. I think some of the people running these places need to be looked at and the chimps need to get back into the labs and find the cure for Hep C. So they suffer to help people they breed like cockroaches so they will never be gone. The only real Apes that needs help is the ORANGUTANG and GORILLA . Come on people lets look at things the way we should and stop hurting people that are trying to make a living. All I ever hear from tha SANC people are the Millions that are spent in research could be in there pocket. Peace IM OUT

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