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Cruelty charges have finally been filed relating to a horrible case of animal cruelty that happened last August in North Key Largo. At least 15 cats were killed when workers with the Miami-based company Termite & Fumigation Division tented a building and filled the tent with toxic chemicals– despite being alerted to the fact that cats were living underneath the building. Witnesses to the incident pleaded with the workers to lift a portion of the tent to allow the cats to escape, but they refused.

The cats were part of a colony of several hundred semi-feral cats on North Key Largo who are cared for by local residents in a trap, neuter, release program.

Please contact Monroe County State Attorney Mark Kohl and thank him for filing animal cruelty charges in this case. Ask him to press for the maximum penalty if the defendant(s) are found guilty.

Mark E. Kohl, State Attorney
16th Judicial Circuit
Phone: (305) 292-3400
Fax: (305) 294-7707
E-mail: markkohl@keyssao.org

The State of Florida’s Division of Agricultural Environmental Services, which regulates pesticide companies, is also investigating the incident in North Key Largo. Please contact the agency and urge them to take action against Termite & Fumigation Division, Inc.

Anderson H. Rackley, Director
Division of Agricultural Environmental Services
Phone: (850) 488-3731
Fax: (850) 488-2164
E-mail: racklea@doacs.state.fl.us

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