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Muscovy ducks are frequent targets of cruelty in Florida. Sadly, allegations of abuse have often been ignored by police and state wildlife officials. But that may be changing.

  • In Pinellas County Court on April 30, Michael Maszera pled guilty to one count of animal cruelty and received 12 months probation and a $450 fine. It was the conclusion to a disturbing case that began in a residential neighborhood in the City of Dunedin in August 2012 when Maszera shot a Muscovy duck with a BB gun and then proceeded to beat the animal with a shovel. ARFF had written to the State Attorney urging cruelty charges in the case.
  • This week we learned that the State Attorney for Volusia County is considering criminal (animal cruelty) charges in the killing of Muscovy ducks in an Ormond Beach neighborhood earlier this month. On May 3, a pest control company (TruTech, Inc.) was hired by the homeowners association to remove ducks. A TruTech employee used an airgun in an attempt to kill the ducks. Shortly afterwards, residents were shocked to find dead ducks floating in a neighborhood pond as well as severely injured ducks.

Regardless of the different labels attached to the birds (native or non-native, wild or domestic, nuisance or loved), Muscovy ducks, like all animals, are protected from harassment and inhumane killing under Florida’s anti-cruelty law.

You can help to ensure that criminal charges are filed against the individuals responsible for the senseless killing of ducks in Ormond Beach. Write to the State Attorney and urge him to take this case seriously and pursue criminal charges against the individuals responsible. Contact:

State Attorney R. J. Larizza
251 N. Ridgewood Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Fax: (386) 239-7711

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One Response to “Cruelty prosecutions a hopeful sign for Muscovy ducks”

  1. on 23 Jul 2013 at 11:24 pm Amanda Santamarina

    State Attorney R J Larizza:

    It is time to ensure criminals charges against individuals who made any abuse to animals, Muscovy ducks are frequent target of cruelty in Florida take this case seriously and persue criminal charges against individuals responsible of this actions, I live in a Condo and people are so cruel with them, native or non-native, loved or nuisance we must protect our animals.

    Amanda Santamarina

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