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Yesterday, an Animal Control Officer in Port St. Lucie rescued a raccoon who had been caught in an illegal leghold trap. The poor animal’s front paw had to be amputated (a report by Fox 29 News features a photo of the raccoon’s horrific injuries).


In 1972, Florida banned the use of steel-jaw leghold traps, but they are still widely used by trappers in other states to catch raccoons, coyotes, bobcats and other fur-bearing animals. When an animal steps on a leghold trap, the trap’s jaws slam closed on the animal’s limb. The animals efforts to escape often lead to serious injuries.

If you ever hear someone defend trapping as humane, or if you’ve ever considered purchasing a coat with fur trim, please remember the sad photo of this raccoon.

By coincidence, the National Trappers Association Southeast Regional Trapping & Outdoor Expo, hosted by The Florida Trappers Association, was held last weekend in Live Oak, Florida.

3 Responses to “This is why steel-jaw leghold traps are illegal in Florida”

  1. on 22 Jan 2014 at 8:05 am Jay

    Trapping is Not cruel and is very useful for protecting other animal population such as Quail,turkeys,ducks,rabbits.And steel traps are not cruel, if they are padded jaw, so whoever keeps sayin that needs to stop and try to learn something cause you sound very clueless.so, what do you think when an animal such as a coon get hit on the road in front of your house and is half way dead, HE is suffering so what do you wanna try to put a BAN on vehicles,What do you thing when a coyote eats a baby deer alive is thaT humane no so leave people who trap alone and and I think leg hold traps should be legal in florida.///JAY

  2. on 13 May 2014 at 3:53 am c kunig

    Seriously? A leg trap is not cruel? Who that uses a leg trap would pad the trap? Wouldn’t that just let the animal escape before you can come up and kill it? An illegal leg trap just took a beloved member of my household, a gorgeous young cat who was a former stray who wouldn’t let ANYBODY near her until she heard my daughter singing to her. From that night on, even though it took a couple of weeks to get her up on the porch and sleeping in a bed, she was ours and was truly loved. Now she’s gone. GONE. No one has seen her in days, since she was caught in one of these horrendous devices. Better to think we found her dead in the trap than to think she was suffering for hours and days slowing bleeding to death or dying of dehydration and infection as the flies ate her wounds. Who the hell are you to think that any restraining device is a humane method of capturing an animal? Are you such a lousy shot that you can’t just go out with a bow or shotgun and kill on the first try like my 30-40 respectable lifetime hunter friends? HOW DARE YOU think that an animal, domestic or wild, doesn’t suffer in a confining, cutting, CLAMPING device that completely panics and leaves them in shock, so that even if they are eventually released, like my CAT, they die afterwards??? You stupid insensitive and completely illiterate dumb moron example of a Florida man

  3. on 09 Nov 2014 at 8:52 am jay

    IF you love your animals then control them, keep them on your own land.cauuse when the step on mine then that my problem when they start killing my quail they get the 22lr. so worry about yourself and were are you from north korea cant even pronounce your name go back to your own damn country and get the hell out of mine.

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