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Last week the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced the death of Susan, a 61 year-old Asian elephant. Susan was an old elephant (the life span of Asian elephants is about 60 to 70 years). She had not performed since 2005 and was euthanized due to declining health. Ringling Bros. may still have a couple elephants older than 60, although these animals no longer regularly perform with the circus.

The oldest elephant still traveling and performing in the United States may be Cora, an elderly Asian elephant under the control of Bill Morris of Gibsonton, Florida. ARFF believes that Cora is over 60 years old. Cora should be taken off the road and allowed to spend her remaining years free from the stresses of traveling and performing. She deserves a peaceful retirement.


Cora is scheduled to perform at the South Florida Fair, beginning January 18 in West Palm Beach. Ask the fair to reconsider including this act in the 2013 fair.

Richard Vymlatil, CEO
South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions
Phone: (561) 790-5224
Email: rick@southfloridafair.com, fairnews@southfloridafair.com

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  1. on 10 Sep 2013 at 1:53 am ctizzo

    cora the elephant is at the Allegan county fair this week :(

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