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On Monday a turkey was killed by two men who broke into his pen at a home in Gulf Breeze. “Tom” the turkey had been a much loved member of the family. “He was so friendly,” the homeowner told the Pensacola News Journal. Upon arrest, the suspects told a sheriff’s deputy that they had intended to eat the turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday. The men were charged with cruelty to animals and several other serious charges and remain in the Santa Rosa County Jail.


An estimated 46 million turkeys were killed this year for Thanksgiving. These birds were nameless, but they had the same intelligence, personality and capacity to suffer as the pet turkey who was killed in Gulf Breeze. All turkeys are worth protecting.

We are encouraged by the growing number of families who will not be gathering around a dead bird this year (it’s not too late to make reservations for the vegan Thanksgiving dinner at Sublime in Fort Lauderdale!).

ARFF wishes you a happy, cruelty-free Thanksgiving.

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