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A few weeks after ARFF revealed that a Bluffton/Hilton Head, South Carolina veterinarian had started a controversial side business transporting monkeys for use in laboratory research and testing (read our previous post here), Banfield Pet Hospital has announced that the veterinarian, Dr. Paul Barras, is no longer affiliated with the veterinary practice.

“As a practice, Banfield Pet Hospitalís focus is providing high-quality veterinary care to companion animals. As an owner of a Banfield hospital, Dr. Barras was in breach of his agreement by owning Barr Scientific Transportation, a company which is in no way affiliated with Banfield or our approach to veterinary care. In an effort to quickly resolve this conflict of interest, we have formally severed our relationship with Dr. Barras and are currently working through the transition.”
ó Tony Ueber, President & CEO, Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital has a history of taking stands on important animal welfare issues (in 2009, Banfield announced that it would no longer offer tail docking or ear cropping procedures at its hospitals). ARFF is very happy that Banfield has chosen to distance itself from the cruelty and suffering of the international trade in monkeys for research.

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