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This week the Piccadilly Circus arrived in Florida with ponies, a couple llamas, and Judy, an Asian elephant owned by Harry “Bones” Craig (Bell, Florida).

ARFF filmed Judy before a performance at War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale on Monday. Click here to watch the video. The swaying that you see in the video began shortly after Judy was chained by one foot to a stake in the ground. Repetitive behaviors, such as swaying back and forth, or trunk swinging, are often found in elephants confined in the circus. These abnormal behaviors are believed to be a reaction to boredom or stress.

As depressing as the circus is for the animals, it’s not much fun for the audience either. Of the 208 reviews of the Piccadilly Circus on Ticketmaster.com, the circus averages 2/5 stars. Here are a few of the comments:

  • “It was terrible. Dirty, Not entertaining, expensive, Scary and dangerous for children…. Left at intermission”
  • “They took an intermission in an hour and a half show. We were able to feed some llamas and billy goats,but while we were doing that I noticed a rather large woman climb on a pony at the pony rides and the pony collapsed under the woman. What I assume to be a vet came out and felt the pony’s legs and then put a kid on it despite that it was limping.”
  • “One money making scheme after the next. I calculated the elephant ride. It was approximately one dollar per elephant step. Sad because the elephant looked like every step was labored. In fact, none of the animals looked well. I can’t say that’s true for the tiger which was visible about 45 seconds of the entire show. He simple sat in a cage.”
  • “This was the WORST circus I ever attended!”
  • “My kids asked to leave!”
  • “It was nothing like the pictures they advertised online.”

Please join ARFF’s protests of the Piccadilly Circus in Orlando and Kissimmee, July 20-22.
Visit our events calendar for details.

One Response to “Piccadilly Circus: “the WORST circus I ever attended!””

  1. on 21 Aug 2012 at 1:11 pm Carol

    I just cannot believe they still allow this to go on. When will they realize animals aren’t meant to be kept in cages and chained .

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