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When ARFF learned that Frank Murray, an elephant trainer traveling with the Piccadilly Circus, had been arrested on animal cruelty charges, we contacted Fort Lauderdale’s War Memorial Auditorium, as well as other venues in Florida scheduled to host the circus in July, and urged them to reconsider their association with the circus.

We’ve heard back from War Memorial Auditorium. Auditorium Manager Orlando Castellano wrote that the circus, “assured us that the situation has been addressed and that the trainer referenced in your comments will not be participating in their shows at War Memorial Auditorium. Further, the Piccadilly Circus has made it clear that they do not condone nor do they accept animal abuse, neglect or mistreatment.”

The circus was not entirely honest with Mr. Castellano. Following his arrest in New Jersey on May 10, Frank Murray quickly re-joined the circus. He was still traveling with the circus weeks later, in early June, when the State of Maine announced that Murray’s elephants would not be allowed into the state after testing positive for tuberculosis.

The Piccadilly Circus should have, but did not fire Frank Murray. Murray will not be with the circus when it arrives in Fort Lauderdale because he was already scheduled to perform at the Bristol Renaissance Faire (Kenosha, WI) during the month of July.

ARFF does not know what animals will be part of the circus when it arrives in Florida next month. If the Piccadilly Circus is sincere about not tolerating the abuse, neglect or mistreatment of animals, it would not include elephants or other wild animals in its traveling show.

ARFF will protest the Piccadilly Circus in Fort Lauderdale (July 16) and Orlando (July 20). Visit ARFF’s events calendar for details.

2 Responses to “Will the Piccadilly Circus cut ties with elephant trainer arrested for animal abuse?”

  1. on 12 Sep 2012 at 11:31 am Ausra

    Is this the same circus that will be traveling to Illinois to perform September 19-23?
    Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

  2. on 22 Aug 2013 at 9:22 pm Gary Zahn

    Anyone that thinks they know how much dedication it takes to care for and train elephants in America is smart enough to know the low IQ that goes after people that have lived to care for elephants, would be smart enough to realize you people are morons. Please spend your time going after people that truely due commit acts of cruelty on animals. You will be amazed that there are 100s of domestic animals in you community that need your voice. Thief are even more senior citizens and children than you can imagine. I worked 22 years without a day off because these elephants are my life.

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