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If you happened to catch NBC’s Today Show last Tuesday, you saw a trapper from a Lee County company called Iguana Busters place live iguanas into a freezer. The story was about efforts by some residents of Boca Grande, on Gasparilla Island, to reduce the numbers of black spiny iguanas (there are an estimated 12,000 iguanas on the 7-mile-long island). Although freezing iguanas is not legally cruel, the American Veterinary Medical Association has determined that, “freezing as a sole means of euthanasia is not considered to be humane.”

Lee County is currently accepting bids from trappers to catch and kill iguanas in Boca Grande (bids are due November 15, and the contract will be awarded the following day).

Please write to the Lee County Commission and urge them to only consider bids from trappers with detailed plans for humane capture and killing. Demand that they reject any proposal that includes freezing as a method of killing iguanas (chemical methods of euthanasia may be the most humane option).

Commissioner Bob Janes
E-mail: dist1@leegov.com

Commissioner Douglas R. St. Cerny
E-mail: dist2@leegov.com

Commissioner Ray Judah
E-mail: dist3@leegov.com

Commissioner Tammy Hall
E-mail: dist4@leegov.com

Commissioner John E. Albion
E-mail: dist5@leegov.com

What about  Iguana Busters? Following the Today Show story, Iguana Busters was flooded with angry phone calls from people around the country furious at the idea of iguana’s freezing to death. Apparently, the company realized their mistake; their website (www.iguanabusters.com) now reads, “Iguana Busters Is Shut Down.”

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