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Read below posts (here and here) about House Bill 1197.

ARFF is very disappointed that Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed this harmful bill into law. ARFF will work to reinstate the protections afforded animals in the 1967 law that was repealed. Since Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff’s office has admitted that they were unaware of the full consequences of her amendment, hopefully she will support efforts to have the law reinstated.

One Response to “Bad news: Gov. Scott has signed House Bill 1197”

  1. on 05 Oct 2012 at 12:28 pm frances Morra

    Governor - thank yuo for repealing that law
    we are in the processs of donating ducks to world vision for rhe poor and the needy - they will benefit from receing these ducks
    frances Morra - People are so self-9centered that they don’t see the other side of a coin.

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