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Last May, Janice and Ashley Ramirez (mother and daughter) were arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and fighting/baiting animals after a video appeared online of the women encouraging two dogs to attack a wild pig whose mouth had been taped shut. The violent, gruesome five minute video was filmed in an enclosed backyard in Vero Beach. This week, the two women were sentenced to 60 days in jail after they pled “no contest” to the two felony charges.

The women’s attorney explained that the women were training their dogs for pig hunting, and that their only mistake was to set the dogs on the pig inside an enclosure. Sadly, he’s probably right. It is common, and legal, for hunters in Florida to use dogs to find, chase and attack pigs in the wild. Pigs can suffer horrible injuries from the dog pack.


In Sunday’s Miami Herald, we learned that for some hunters the use of dogs, or their own two feet, is too much of a hassle.  The article described a recent hunt in Okeechobee in which men inside helicopters shot at wild pigs with shotguns. At the end of the day, the hunters admitted that “no one was certain” how many animals they had killed or how many were wounded. One of the hunters described the experience as “a bloody testosterone fest.”

So goes hunting in Florida.

Visit ARFF’s website to learn more about Florida’s wild pigs.

3 Responses to “Killing wild pigs in Florida: legal vs. illegal”

  1. on 29 Dec 2012 at 3:17 am Michelle

    Know I live in Kissimme Fl , dose that ruble go that far because my neighbors. Theywere’nt hunting but they caught one and some other of their friends broght their dogs and all I heard was baking @ squealing it was’nt fair …

  2. on 08 Jan 2013 at 6:41 pm Michelle

    O.K. I heard one of our neighbors had a pig, but they didn’t tape it’s mouth all night hearing it oinking and hearing the dogs barking ….. All I’m saying is your alllowing dogs to attack the pigs or boars but for all I have read they also use pis and boars to train for Dog Frighting ….. So they better watch what they say or alot of trouble will start …

  3. on 20 Jan 2013 at 8:57 pm Bane

    Easy solution for these women. Have the Florida feral pig hunters do a moratorium on hunting the pigs for a couple of months. By the time the agriculture people get done screaming to their state legislators about the damage being done to their crops, the state will give the women twice their fines back and imprison the judge for 120 days.

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