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Worldwide protests against the transport of animals for the research industry have received a lot of attention recently; for example, in this article last week in the journal Nature.


Air France-KLM is the world’s largest transporter of primates and other animals destined for laboratory experimentation. This week ARFF learned that Air France has received an “Official Warning” from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for violating the Animal Welfare Act. According to the USDA, in early 2008 an Air France plane arrived at Miami International Airport with 3 dead genets in the cargo hold (genets are small mammals related to civets and mongooses). An Air France employee confirmed that the animals had not been fed or watered during the two-day trip from Europe to Florida. The genets were likely destined for the pet trade. The incident is a sad reminder of the suffering of animals trapped in the international wildlife trade.

ARFF is participating in the international campaign to stop airlines transporting primates destined for research. You can help by contacting Air France-KLM and urging them to end their involvement in the transport of primates to laboratories. Contact:

Jan Krems, Vice President, The Americas
Air France-KLM Cargo
E-mail: jan.krems@klmcargo.com

Alain Pagès, Vice President, USA
Air France-KLM Cargo
E-mail: alpages@airfrance.fr

Send a copy of your email to Air France-KLM Cargo’s Miami-based staff:
patricia.paulhiac@klmcargo.com, davinson.prieto@martinairamericas.com, arthur.brown@martinairamericas.com

Read more about the transport of primates for research on ARFF’s website.

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  1. on 21 Mar 2012 at 6:26 pm Jan

    This is terrible abuse and it has to stop.

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