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After a year of work, activists in Lake County may finally have an anti-tethering ordinance that they can be proud of! On Tuesday, Lake County Commissioners discussed the cruel tethering of dogs and evaluated the different options to address the problem. Commissioners directed staff to draft an ordinance that would allow tethering only when a dog is in the physical presence of a guardian or responsible adult. The first hearing of the proposed ordinance may be at the April 10 commission meeting.

Are you a resident of Lake County, or do you have family/friends in the county? Contact ARFF to get involved in efforts to pass an anti-chaining ordinance.

Next Tuesday, at a Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners workshop, a proposal to encourage owners of dogs and cats to spay or neuter their animals will be debated.

If you are a resident of Pinellas County, please attend the workshop! The workshop begins at 9:30am on Tuesday, March 20 at the county government center in Clearwater. Click here for more details.

Good news! On February 28, the City of New Smyrna Beach adopted an ordinance that will require all healthy cats and dogs to be sterilized, although individuals would be able to obtain a license to breed animals. There would also be exceptions for registered show dogs and cats. New Smyrna Beach is the eighth city in Volusia County to enact such an ordinance (Volusia County itself also has a similar ordinance)!

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