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The final week of Florida’s legislative session is a frantic time, so we forgive legislators for not completely understanding each bill that comes before them for a vote. But we do expect the sponsors of bills and amendments to understand the changes they are asking for.

So we were surprised when an aide in State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff’s office admitted that the Senator did not realize that her amendment (see below post) to repeal an existing law prohibiting the dyeing or coloring of animals would also repeal the ban on the sale of baby rabbits, ducks and chickens as pets. The aide told the Sun-Sentinel, “Oops. That’s an unintended consequence. We had no clue.”

Contact Sen. Bogdanoff and urge her, in light of the unintended consequences of her amendment, to withdraw her support of the bill. Ask her to ask Governor Scott not to sign HB 1197.

Senator Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff
E-mail: bogdanoff.ellyn.web@flsenate.gov

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