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Since 2009, ARFF has kept a close eye on the Liebling Bros. Circus, a small Florida circus that travels with one female African elephant named “Nosey,” as well as horses and two monkeys.


In December 2011, the USDA charged the circus with numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act for inhumane treatment and dangerous handling of Nosey and the monkeys. The USDA charges cite the escape of a monkey, failure to provide veterinary care for Nosey’s chronic skin condition and weight loss, chaining Nosey so tightly that she could not move, and handling her in a way that was dangerous to the public.

The Liebling Bros. Circus is based in Davenport, Florida but the circus spends several months each year performing in small towns across the country. When the circus left Florida last month, ARFF urged people to contact the venues that would host the circus and ask them to reconsider.

On Friday, the circus posted a note on their facebook page that blamed “pressure from animal rights organizations” for the cancellation of a performance in Batesville, Arkansas.

We need your help to keep up the pressure!

Visit ARFF’s website for contact details for hosts of upcoming performances of the Liebling Bros. Circus (the circus is currently performing under the name, “Great American Family Circus”).

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  1. on 07 Mar 2012 at 4:15 pm Elaine Fox-Packer

    This is simply cruelty and the animals should be saved. Please stop this now. Nosey needs vetinary care and should not be made to perform or be chained so tightly. There is no need for this in 2012. Please confiscate her and take her to a sanctuary where she can be cared for and free from performances and torture.

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