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Rodeo: deadly for horses

A horse died on Saturday night during the “Orange Blossom Festival Rodeo” in Davie, Florida. According to an eyewitness, the bucking horse “ran right into the fence and then he went down.” Another witness reported, “I was crying in the stands.” The horse’s name was El Vira. He was 10 year-old.

In order to put on a good show for the crowd, horses in bronc riding events are often physically provoked into displaying “wild” behavior through the use of bucking straps, spurs, electric prods or tail-twisting. It is not uncommon for animals in rodeo events to suffer injuries. If you love horses and other animals, rodeos aren’t for you.

Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge is a major sponsor of the rodeo in Davie. Please urge the dealership, in light of last weekend’s tragic incident, to reconsider its support of the rodeo.

Jorge Haimovich, General Manager
Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge
E-mail: jorge.haimovich@southfloridadodge.com
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