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Senate Bill 1184 and House Bill 1021 contained a provision (Section 6) that would make it a crime to take photographs or make any audio/video recording at a farm without the owner’s permission. If enacted, the legislation would criminalize exposing animal abuse, unsafe working conditions, and environmental problems on factory farms.

During Monday’s meeting of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, SB 1184 ran into resistance from lawmakers and a vote was delayed until the controversial section was removed from the larger bill. The companion bill in the Florida House of Representatives, HB 1021, was debated this morning in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee. During the meeting, an amendment was adopted that also removed Section 6.

The “ag gag” language could be added as an amendment to a different bill, but that is very unlikely. We are confident that the proposal is dead for 2012!

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Similar “Ag Gag” bills have been introduced in Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Indiana and Nebraska.

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