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Today’s Daytona Beach News-Journal reported on a shocking case of bowhunters in Pierson (west of Daytona Beach) who were planning to kill a group of potbellied pigs.

Apparently, the pigs had been abandoned by a couple going through a divorce. When they wandered onto private property it became legal to kill them, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Hunting is horrible enough for wild pigs who have roamed Florida for hundreds of years, but these pigs were former pets who would have been unable to escape the hunter’s attacks.

The good news is that the pigs, close to 40 animals, have been rescued and are now safe awaiting adoption.

The surprising news is that one of the individuals who were planning to kill the defenseless pigs is a FWC wildlife officer– Officer Jeff Beal; he works in Volusia County.

Please write to the FWC and urge them to review their regulations and prohibit the hunting of potbellied pigs. Also, ask them to investigate why Officer Beal, an individual who is supposed to enforce wildlife regulations, would participate in such a disgusting and cruel “hunt.”

Col. Julie Jones, Director 
FWC - Division of Law Enforcement
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-6988
Phone: (850) 488-6251
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