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“Death” makes an appearance at dog track.
Wednesday’s Seminole Chronicle included an article about ARFF’s protest at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club in Longwood. The protest featured an activist dressed as the Grim Reaper. Protest organizer Carla Wilson told the paper, “Death visits Sanford Orlando Kennel Club and every track throughout the United States.” Click here to read the article.

One prison closes, another remains open.
July 1 marked the end of the Hendry Correctional Institution in Immokalee. The prison, which opened in 1977, was deemed too old and too expensive to operate. It’s last remaining prisoners have been transferred to other prisons around the state. Unfortunately, the Florida Department of Corrections does not have a say on the future of another nearby prison or its captives. If you continue east for a few minutes past the Hendry Correctional Institution, you’ll come to the gates of “Panther Tracks,” Primate Product’s breeding/holding facility where hundreds of monkeys are caged. We’re looking forward to the time when this prison closes its doors forever.

Florida sets a good example.
Last week ARFF declared victory in our campaign to break up the long relationship between the Miss Florida USA pageant and the bloody fur industry (in past years, a mink coat was “awarded” to pageant winners). On Wednesday, The Herald-Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland) included news of the Florida pageant’s decision in an article about efforts to persuade the Miss Maryland pageant to also stop awarding fur prizes.

Contact the Miss Maryland pageant and urge it to follow Florida’s example and cut ties with the cruel fur industry. Contact:

Sherry Rush, Executive Director, Miss Maryland
E-mail: srush@allconet.org and missmd@allconet.org

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