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Laws restricting the chaining/tethering of dogs are being considered, or are already in effect, in communities across Florida.

Efforts to enact an anti-tethering ordinance in Lake County got a boost on July 4th when two activists spent the day chained to a doghouse in a city park in Groveland. The “chain off” event was covered by two local newspapers. County resident Nancy McDavid told the Daily Commercial that she began working toward an ordinance after witnessing the death of a neighbor’s dog who had spent the majority of his life outdoors at the end of a chain.

Last Tuesday, the Panama City Commission passed the first reading of a strong anti-tethering ordinance. A public hearing/final reading is required before the ordinance becomes law.

On Friday, Palm Beach County’s anti-tethering law went into effect. Dogs in the county may no longer be tied up outdoors unless a guardian is outside along with the dog. Click here to view a Sun-Sentinel video that explains the new ordinance.

Are you a resident of Panama City or Lake County, or do you have family/friends there? We need your help to support the efforts to pass anti-chaining ordinances. Contact ARFF if you can help.

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