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When choosing a bank, most people consider things like bank fees, evening/weekend hours, and the location of the nearest branch, but one Florida-based bank apparently thinks it’s important to publicize how its employees enjoy killing animals.


On June 18, a group of five bankers from Ocean Bank participated in a fishing tournament in Miami. There wasn’t a prize for biggest shark (the tournament is for mahi-mahi), but the men said that from the moment they spotted the dorsal fin of what would turn out to be a 1,000 pound, 12-foot mako shark, they knew it was the animal they wanted to kill. The bankers told WSVN Ch. 7 that the shark struggled for his life against the hook for four hours before being brought close to the boat. The shark was then speared with three gaffs and his dorsal fin was cut to fit the shark onto the boat.

Before his death, this shark was likely one of the healthiest, strongest and oldest mako sharks in the waters off Florida.

Contact Ocean Bank and let them know that you think it’s cruel and disgusting to kill a shark for a trophy. The banker’s actions are likely to offend potential customers concerned about conservation and animal welfare.

Ocean Bank
Phone: (305) 569-5000
E-mail: obmail@oceanbank.com

Contact tournament organizers, the FIU Alumni Association, and urge them to prohibit the killing of sharks during future tournaments (tournament rules already prohibit killing swordfish and marlin).

Florida International University
Office of Alumni Relations
Phone: (800) FIU-ALUM
E-mail: alumni@fiu.edu

Finally, contact WSVN Ch. 7 and urge the station to stop glorifying cruel and wasteful killings of sharks. Explain that sharks are magnificent creatures who are essential to the ocean ecosystem.

WSVN 7 reporter Dianne Fernandez
Phone: (305) 795-2777
E-mail: newsfeedback@wsvn.com

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