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We love sharing good news. Today, in a brief statement received by the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, Fort Lauderdale-based Monarch Air Group made a commitment to stop the transport of non-human primates:

“June 13, 2011
To whom it may concern,
Please be advised that as per a recent shareholder meeting Monarch Air Group has decided to cease the transportation of primates.
David Gitman

Monarch Air Group is the third Florida-based airline, following decisions by Amerijet and IBC Airways earlier this year, to dissociate themselves from the cruel trade in primates for research.

Your e-mails and phone calls made a difference. Thank you!

We’re not asking people to thank Monarch Air Group by phone or email only because their offices have been swamped with calls/emails all week, but ARFF would like to publicly thank them here. If you ever need the services of a private charter airline, we encourage you to consider Monarch Air Group.

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