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Archive for October, 2012

We have mixed feelings about yesterday’s capture of the “Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay.” The monkey, a rhesus macaque, first made headlines in 2009. The suburbs of Tampa/St. Petersburg are not the best place for a wild monkey to live, but he was in good health, local residents enjoyed having him around and, until recently, […]

Recently a private zoo in Pasco County called Dade City’s Wild Things has received a lot of media attention, including appearances on Fox & Friends and Good Morning America, for “pool parties” featuring tiger cubs. At Dade City’s Wild Things, baby tigers, monkeys and other animals are shoved into the arms of one paying customer […]

In 2009, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission banned large-scale, commercial hunting of freshwater turtles in Florida. Under the new rules, turtle farmers are still allowed to collect turtles from the wild, but only to establish a breeding population (the goal was to shift the commercial trade in turtles from the wild to the […]

Belugas belong in the wild

In August 1989, despite the best efforts of animal activists, workers from Gulf World (Panama City Beach) captured four dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1993, activists in boats were again unsuccessful in stopping the capture of dolphins, this time off the coast of California. There has not been an attempt, in U.S. waters, […]