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Archive for September, 2012

In Florida in the late 19th Century, herons, egrets, pelicans and many other birds were slaughtered by the thousands by hunters who would sell the feathers to be used in the fashion industry. To protect nesting birds from hunters, in 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt established the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. […]

This week PETA released shocking photos of cruel experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (view PETA’s report here). 30 cats are killed each year in the ongoing experiments. The cats are purchased from Liberty Research, a large commercial breeder of cats and dogs in Waverly, New York.

Liberty Research is a member of a family of […]

The Cole Bros. Circus will return to South Florida in late fall. We need your help to convince past hosts of the circus to reconsider hosting the circus in 2012. Each of the below venues has hosted the Cole Bros. Circus for the past several years.
Elephants and other animals in the circus commonly suffer from […]