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Archive for December, 2011

This week WPTV Ch. 5 ran a story about two, nine-week-old tiger cubs who had just arrived at McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary in West Palm Beach. Considering that “sanctuary” is in their name, you might assume that the cubs at McCarthy’s had been rescued from an abusive or neglectful owner, or that they were relinquished by […]

At Dade City’s Wild Things (a.k.a. Stearns Zoological Rescue), a “sanctuary zoo” in Pasco County, baby tigers, monkeys and other animals are shoved into the arms of one paying customer after another for photographs and swimming sessions.
During a USDA inspection at Dade City’s Wild Things on July 27, 2011, an inspector noted that a member […]

It’s official. The use of bullhooks, electric shock prods and other cruel devices that are common in circuses is now prohibited in the city of Margate.

At last night’s meeting of the City Commission, commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance banning the “painful techniques and devices.” The ordinance takes effect immediately. Before the vote, Commissioner Lesa Peerman […]

Beware of the clowns

This afternoon, clowns from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will make an appearance at the Orlando Science Center. The clowns will entertain guests, but they will also be heavily promoting Ringling’s upcoming performances in Orlando. Today outside the science center, ARFF activists will educate the public about Ringling Bros.’ history of abusive […]

A good start in Tallahassee

This morning, House Bill 479 was reported favorably out of the Health & Human Services Quality Subcommittee with a unanimous vote. The bill is the first animal-related bill of the 2012 legislative session to make it out of a committee.
Among other things, the bill would restrict euthanasia by intracardial injection (an injection of drugs directly […]

Time to thank a politician

When our elected officials stick their necks out and do something good, they deserve praise. Last week, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and seven U.S. Representatives from Florida (see below list) sent letters to President Obama urging him to speed up the process for designating the Burmese python, boa constrictor and seven other constrictor snakes as […]

Unless you are a regular visitor to the website of the animal dealer Primate Products, you wouldn’t have noticed a small but potentially significant change. Until recently, the webpage that advertised the offerings of Primate Products’ “Live Animal Division” listed the availability of three species of nonhuman primates– rhesus monkeys (Chinese/Indian origin), cynomolgus monkeys from […]