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Archive for October, 2011

Yesterday, the results of a new public opinion poll of Floridians were released. The poll asked questions about science and health. Research!America, who commissioned the poll, put a positive spin on the results, concluding that Floridians strongly support scientific research. According to the poll, more than 80% responded positively to softball questions like, “How important […]

Yesterday, greyhound trainer Ronnie Williams was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to 39 counts of felony animal cruelty. Williams was arrested in October 2010 after 34 greyhounds were found starved to death inside kennels at the Ebro Greyhound Park (located north of Panama City). An additional five dogs were alive, but […]

Tools for traveling activists

ARFF often receives complaints from tourists about attractions in Florida where animals are suffering from neglect and/or an inadequate environment. We always encourage them to share what they witnessed with online rating/review websites like Yelp.com, TripAdvisor.com or Citysearch.com. These sites are popular and consistently appear at the top of search results when looking for information […]

Imagine that you’ve rescued a dog whose previous owner used a stick to punish the poor animal when he did not obey a command. You would shower the dog with affection and do everything you could to make your home a place where the dog felt safe. One thing you would not do is keep […]

Cows on concrete

The image of dairy cows grazing on pasture is increasingly becoming a fantasy in Florida.

An article this week in Highlands Today about the future of Florida’s dairy industry described how over the past 25 years, over 700 dairy farms in the state went out of business. But although there are fewer farms, the existing farms […]

ARFF has learned the results of a complaint we filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture following the June 2 importation of 64 wild-caught vervet monkeys from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts.
The monkeys arrived on a Monarch Air Group flight at Miami International Airport. The plane was met by a company called Animal Air […]