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Archive for March, 2011

Go see these films

The Elephant in the Living Room is a documentary film about the keeping of exotic animals as “pets.” The film was recently awarded best feature documentary at The Genesis Awards. It’s an excellent film with a power message. Click here to watch the trailer. The film opens this Friday, April 1, in Orlando (Cobb Plaza […]

Update: Live tiger will NOT be part of Saturday’s event. According to Pete Grinnell, owner of Napleton Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge: “I am allowing the Orlando Jeep Club to hold a event on my property…. Once I was made aware that there was a live tiger as part of their promotion, I told their representative that we will […]

Passing a local ordinance can sometimes be a long, tedious process. Nobody knows this better than ARFF Coordinators Carla and Bryan Wilson who yesterday finally saw the results they’ve been waiting three years for, when the Seminole County Commission unanimously passed an ordinance to restrict the cruel chaining or tethering of dogs. The county began […]

More progress for animals

It’s been a busy week in Tallahassee, where politicians debated several animal-related bills (visit ARFF’s website to learn the status of animal protection legislation). But this week was also busy at the local level, where several ordinances that would help animals advanced.
On Monday, the St. Augustine City Commission gave preliminary approval to changes to the city’s […]

Today in the Florida State Senate, a bill to prohibit sexual contact with animals was considered by the Committee on Judiciary. After the bill was explained, it was quickly approved by a unanimous vote. As you can imagine, there was no opposition. The bill (Senate Bill 344) is now ready to be voted on by the […]

Recently on this blog we told you that the Cole Bros. Circus had pled guilty to violating the Endangered Species Act. It was a pretty big deal. The fine ($150,000) may be the largest ever against a circus. Later this month the circus will begin earning money to pay that fine when they kick off […]

Becoming vegetarian is not guaranteed to make you a sports star, but it’s a step in the right direction!
Miami Dolphins’ running back Ricky Williams is not the only professional athlete in Florida who draws strength from a plant-based diet. In a recent interview with ESPN, Miami Heat forward James Jones talked about the challenges of […]

Careful with that camera!

Last week, State Senator Jim Norman introduced a bill (Senate Bill 1246) with a simple title (”Farms”) but far-reaching effects. The bill would make trespassing onto a farm a felony and would also make it a felony to take pictures or video “at or of a farm” without permission. You would not need to actually […]